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Sunlit tree

I heart my home

I heart my new home!


I survived OPTIKA 2

Elias Adasme's performance

And I let the organizers know, that if they do the third edition I am coming. I am going to perform. I will probably light shit on fire. And I will come from far far away. And I will yell at the chancellor. And I will demand to be paid in unmarked bills. And I will be a prima donna, a diva and a bitch all rolled into one enticing package.

What I won’t be is working!

The conference was moderately fabulous. I had to miss some of the papers I wanted to see because I was busy coordinating crap. I did get to see some great films, enjoy the art exhibits (although really, a few boxes with shaved off leg hair and a video of a dude shaving his legs… that was a bit too conceptual for my aesthetically repressive ass).

I gave a good paper although my favorite bit was when a cell phone rang in the first row of the theatre I paused in my delivery and asked the guy if it was for me in a deadpan. If I had planned it I wouldn’t have pulled it off. Sometimes I crack myself up.

Anyway, I was hoping I’d post a more coherent postmortem but I’m too busy to process much more than this.

It’s over.
sculpture on the mic

El Faro de Rincon

A beautiful day!

Yes, btw all photographs on here are taken by ME unless otherwise noted.

El Faro de Rincon