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Pie Crust

First a disclaimer, I’ve not slept enough to really have social filters up. This applies to blogging as well as hallway conversations. You know the commercials with the beer drunk frat boy hugging people and slopping “I love you man”s all over. That’s my emotional state. Ranging from that to the potential sociopath.

I put the grrr in swinger today and not in the fun way.

And furthermore, I had pie crust for breakfast. It was in the freezer waiting to be turned into pie, but it turned into breakfast. Yum!

So, that being said. I have finally completed for the editor the Hitchcock paper I’ve procrastinated about revising for way too long. I’m actually excited about the final product, Spellbound Doors: Surrealism, Psychoanalysis and Sexuality, we’ll see what he says.

I am always surprised at how satisfying really long footnotes can be to write. 🙂

Now I’m at work on the longer paper,
Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold: Foreign Language as Silence in Hitchcock’s Lifeboat, The Man Who Knew Too Much and Topaz which I’d dropped a bit this semester.

Two things are on my mind today. One being that seriously, I love what I do. I love writing. I love reading. I love thinking. I love teaching. I love analyzing. I love research. I have the funnest occupation in the world (yes, gente that was deliberate. I always see asses twitch when I say things like FUNNEST!).

And, not unrelated,
I am sometimes reminded of how fortunate I am to have people who love and support me, even though I’m in total nerd mode, even though I don’t get out much these days, even though I don’t feel like I’ve been a very good friend. There are always people around to remind me that it doesn’t matter. That is hard to believe but most welcome. I needed the reminder and I’m grateful for it.


The Birds de Hitchcock

Mañana a las 7:00PM en el parque de los próceres se estará presentando la película The Birds del director británico Alfred Hitchcock. El evento será moderado por las dras Laura Bravo, y Lydia González. Es auspiciado por el departamento de Humanidades del RUM y es GRATIS.

Es un filme perfecto para ver en parque así es que dénse la vueltita!

Si quieren ver la información completa:

Fine Arts Mayagüez

La serie de cine Fine Arts en Mayagüez 
presenta en los cines de Caribbean Cinemas en Western Plaza, Mayagüez.
Una película estadounidense sobre una sirvienta (Jennifer Aniston) y sus amigos ricos.
Las películas de  esta serie son las mismas presentadas en el cine Fine Arts en San Juan. Se presentan en Mayagüez las noches de lunes, martes y miércoles de cada semana. Llama a Western Plaza para el horario preciso: 833-0315.


The Fine Arts movie series is playing in Mayagüez at the Caribbean Cinemas in the Western Plaza.

Monday September 4th to Wednesday September 6th:
Friends with Money
US movie about a maid (Jennifer Aniston) and her rich friends.

The movies in the series are the same ones shown in San Juan Fine Arts. They are shown on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings weekly. You can call the Western Plaza for specific times and details: 833-0315.

Mayagüez Fine Arts Cinema

Hooray! This week’s movie is


I’ve been dying to see that, so I will be in line with my wad o’ ones on Monday at the Western Plaza.

Mayaguez Fine Arts

I have not seen this one and I probably won't make it this week so tell me all about it if you go!
This week from April 3-5, Fine Arts in Mayagüez presents the following  film in their Western Plaza Theaters:  
Call the theater for times: (787) 833-0315).  

Mayaguez Fine Arts Cinema

This week from March 27-29, Fine Arts in Mayagüez presents the
following film in their Western Plaza Theaters:


Call the theater for times: (787) 833-0315)

I will try to remember to post the movies weekly fyi.

This is an excellent movie well worth watching and supporting Fine Arts while you are at it. I’ll post more on it later.