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Tentative Transitions

My last post was over a year ago and it makes me smile to read the poem I left to a woman who is no longer in my life but whom I cherished for a moment.

Meanwhile I am dreaming new dreams, singing new songs, and building new castillos.

I’m headed to a new frontera in a few new months as I begin work toward my MDiv at Claremont School of Theology.

I am thinking about reviving this blog that holds so many years of my history.

I have paper diaries dating back to about 1981 or 82. Every now and then in adolescence I’d run into an old diary with blank pages. I would cringe at how silly and babyish I sounded in younger years. Then I would pounce upon the remaining pages hoping to reinvent myself. Now with the weight of wisdom on my shoulders I seek not so much reinvention as authenticity and rediscovery.

Perhaps these blank digital pages may be part of that journey as they have been part of many other journeys.