I’ve been missing from my blog for too long and I thought this would be an appropriate point of reentry:

Can a smile be a song?
Spending hours tracing mental
outline of light and shadow
ripples of color in flight,
I wish I could paint her
I wish I could sketch her wicked smile
a smile that starts in her eyes and
sweeps radiant across her face.
And the way
her smile
heals something in me
that I didn’t even know was broken.
I wish I could capture
the texture of her skin under my eager
the softness that makes my mouth water
or the way her words make me
hope fear long believe stretch laugh want surrender dream
Or the smell of her on my fingers
lingering, infuriatingly persistent like
my own desire
I wish I could dance her
that my body could move and sway
reach and connect
undulate and extend
to tell a story of desire
But her beauty defies words
defies colors
puts them to shame in her radiance
defies movement.
defies definition
with the curve of her sassiest smile.
I’ll sing of her then:
raise my voice to God
and give praise and thanks
that she exists.

That she is so wonderfully made.


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