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A few new friends were checking out my blog and remarking on this and that and so I got to come back and see what I’ve posted through the *gasp* years I’ve been doing this. It’s really crazy to see how far I’ve come on my journey and just how much things change (and just how much things don’t change). It’s hard sometimes when reading a blog to remember that it’s not static. Sometimes people will ask me about an entry that I wrote two years ago and it takes me back.  It’s been a crazy few years and while there have been some rough patches I wouldn’t trade ’em.  I’ve had some serious changes, some serious shifts, some serious joy, some serious growth, some serious self-affirmation, some serious wtf-ery.  Wow.

Some things are like going back and reading old diaries where there’s shit that still makes you cringe a little bit even though it’s been decades. And a lot of stuff just makes me really stand in awe of the amazing person I am and continue to become.

In addition to my little self-indulgent little reflection I figured it was time to out myself LOL and give a linky link to my Christian Queer Grrl blog where I do a bit more writing these days. I’m not by any means abandoning my borderlands, this is in addition to, not instead of but part of who I am today means that my faith, my relationship with God, and my ministry are becoming more and more important and deserve their own place.  No, I haven’t turned into a stick up my butt (in a bad way even) Christian.  I haven’t turned judgy or conservative and boring.  I know because there’s plenty of people who would have told me!  I am still irreverent, sassy, sparkly princess me.  And yes, I’m still angry.