I Heart Socal

I love my home. I love Socal.  I love Long Beach and I have recently had the chance to fall in love with LA too!

I love how winter here means I get to wear my leather jacket.  How everyone rolls out with their cute boots and scarves they seldom get to wear.

I love how the streets are so alive now that it’s Spring and everyone is kicking it out on the stoop or at the park.

I love that even in the dead of winter I can sit outside with my crew at a coffee shop under a heat lamp and kick it.

I love that I can go to the park down the street on a weekend and it’s like going to a festival: the guy is there selling elotes, the dude with the frutas is there, another one with paletas.  There’s a soccer game and families cheering, people just kicking it in the park, toddlers running after balls twice their size, loud music.

I love how I can usually look around me wherever I am and see beautiful people of color.

I love exploring LA and going from a Jewish neighborhood with Hebrew shop signs to a chaotic and vibrant Latino area.  I love exploring Westlake, Echo Park, Silverlake, not the glossy LA but the real shit.  Love exploring PTown and Koreatown.  I love going to a new neighborhood for work and checking things out.

I love that I can now navigate the public transportation system and not get lost, I know how to get around now and can find my way around LA easily.

I love walking on the beach at night.

I love how colorful it is and so beautiful.

I am at home and I’m loving it.



  1. kimmy Said:

    and it loves you right back.

    so cal’s lookin good on ya!

  2. thealeticia Said:

    Grrrrrrl! When am I EVAh gonna see your brown ass again? -sniffle-

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