On the cover!

Of the Gay and Lesbian Times (exclusion duly noted):
“Race Relations: How racism exists in our community”

On the cover no less.

In the feature article Palmer and Pena draw on specific instances of racism in our community as well as larger systemic issues. They draw on interviews with Prof Chong-suk Han (“A Different Shade of Queer: Race, Sexuality and Marginalizing by the Marginalized”) to explore the status of People of Color in Lesbian and Gay communities as double minorities. Johnson (Guide to Gay Life on About.com) is also quoted when contesting the privilege implicit in the idea that “We’re assumed to be gay first, and then our other identity second.” Preach on!
The paucity of non-white gay images is discussed as well as the systemic ‘whitewashing ‘ of the community.

I have to say I was impressed with the depth of discourse in this article and very much heartened to see it as the feature article in one of the main l/g publications in socal. In fact I’ve picked up extra copies to share with peeps.

I’m hoping this feature story, along with the many voices speaking out in our community help to bring about the difficult discussions that are necessary to foster truly inclusive communities.

Now if we can work on adding the Bisexual and Transgender in there that would be so very fabulous. *sigh*


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