From the heart…

I’ll be speaking at the Marriage Equality Peace Rally and Wed-In tomorrow in Long Beach (flyer below). I spoke at the rally last week and I’m not yet ready to process that. So now I’m doing preemptive processing. When I was invited to speak I asked what focus would be best for the event given the balance of speakers.

When I helped with organization for last week’s protest I expressed my concern over the divisive and racist rhetoric circulating in the community over how poc voters caused prop 8 to win. Not only is this untrue but I’m hearing really distressing comments. Really ugly assumptions. And a lot of misunderstanding. I was invested in ensuring that the event last week was able to unite and heal and so I spoke to that effect.

So, back to the answer to my question, what should I speak about. I was asked to speak from the heart and asked to address my concerns as a person of color.

I agreed to do this knowing that I am going to this protest alone.
I agreed to do this knowing that I am going to talk about some difficult painful and ugly issues and that in doing so I will be baring my soul, the deepest realest parts of me, exposed for the crowd.
I agreed to do this knowing that I have been called to do so, that I have a responsibility to do so, that I have an opportunity and I have to honor it. I must honor my commitments, my integrity, my values, my beliefs.
I agreed to do this with an instant knot in my stomach knowing that it will be raw. And that I can do it.
From my heart.
De corazon.
Y si se me escapa una lagrima, ni modo.

Latina. Queer Femme. Not willing to be fragmented. Not willing to have my identities pitted against each other. No more. Nunca mas.

So, I’ll be representin’. Will you be there?

Marriage Equality Peace Rally and Wed-In

The Center Long Beach in coalition and solidarity with community leaders and activists will join cities all over America for the National Day of Support for California Marriage Equality.

This peaceful rally will take place this Saturday, November 15th, 10:30am-1:00pm, at Long Beach City Hall, in the courtyard area.

The event will include a current legal status update regarding Prop 8, what your marriage means now, as well words of hope from our interfaith and political communities.

WE ARE PLANNING A “WED-IN” (Wishing to End Discrimination & Inequality Now) AT THIS EVENT…wherein we will have a minister symbolically marry all those in attendance (LGBTQA) to the commitment of ensuring Marriage Equal Rights for all!!

Attire: We thought it would be fun for those in attendance to wear “wedding attire!” This is completely up to you (What do you all think?).

Additional info:

Parking: Parking is located in the City Hall parking structure on Broadway/Chestnut….also at the Pike parking on Shoreline/Chestnut (South of Ocean) and along Pine Ave.

Intent/Purpose: We ask all in attendance to remember that the underlying tone of our event is PEACE….This is not intended to be another protest but to unite in solidarity toward our common goal of Marriage Equality and community support through understanding.

Legal Compliance: Those in the Long Beach Police Department are our friends. We have been working closely with many of them regarding this event. It is important that we listen to their instructions and follow all laws.

Ingress/Egress: Make sure you enter and exit the premises in an orderly fashion. When the event is over at 1pm, it is important that you disperse in an orderly fashion. Please obey all traffic laws and do not obstruct traffic.

Safety: Please do not bring signs with sticks. Sticks are considered a weapon by law enforcement officials statewide and should not be brought to the rally.

This event was organized by community activists, leaders and workers from Prop. 8. They include:

The Center Long Beach; Elisa McConnehea, Police Chief’s Advisory Group; Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride; Human Dignity Program; Kevin O’Grady, ADL; Choices of Long Beach; LB Lambda Democratic Club; Rene Castro, CCEJ; Long Beach Nicherin Buddhist-Soka Gakai leaders; Robert Garcia; Justin Rudd; Diana Lejins, gigi Acevedo; Tom Crowe; Brian Frederick; Jordana Nichols; Cory Allen; Dr. Becky Kuhn; Kristen Sifers; Tim Campbell; John Pill; Thea Mateu; Jamie Hall; Jake Orlando; Rev. Sandra Olewine; Rev. Sunshine Daye; and Rev. Jane Galloway

This was also attended by the offices of Mayor Bob Foster and Council Member Tonia Reyes-Uranga

Also in attendance were Commanders Jay Johnson and Cynthia Renaud, and Sergeant Razo

For more information or to see the agenda for the event, go to


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