I have everything I need

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle reminder that I really do have everything I need in this moment.  Instead of worrying about what I don’t have, or what I’m gonna need, it’s good to have moments of gentle certainty that right now, all is well.

I have a place to live right now, a space to call home, a comfy bed, art by myself and others on my walls.  It is well.

I have friends I can call on when I’m hurting, when I’m scared, when I want to share life’s joys and sorrows.  Friends who call me just because they love me.  It is well.

And I have friends who look out for me, who buy me a meal just because, who send me job postings, who put in a good word, who pray for me.  It is well.

I have a much better relationship with family than I have in years.  I’m blessed.

I have groceries in the house.

I have a library card.  Yipee!

I am striving toward my goal of publishing more this year and making significant progress.

I am working toward acting on some major dreams I’ve had for many years and seeing the results.

I have cute shoes and people to go out with who admire them.

I have full bottles of acrylics, paintbrushes, and canvas.  And for desperate times, good ol’ coloring book and crayons.

I have new networks, new friends, and growing ties to not so new friends.

I walk down flower lined streets.

Even though my beaches may be closed and toxic right now, I can look at the ocean and smile.

I am enjoying my own company immensely.

I am setting down some roots and little by little, tentatively and sometimes timidly, increasing my wingspan.  It is well.

I have courage, passion, intelligence, beauty, dreams, energy, health, talent and I am creating for myself the life I want.  How much better does it get?!

I’m blessed and I celebrate that.  Right now, in this moment, I have everything I need.  Tomorrow will provide for itself.  I am striving and I am staying the course.


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