No homo!

All right, so since I work with youth I get to be down with the lingo and all that. So the latest in homophobia in schools is the “no homo!” expression. This is used in order to allow people to indulge in behavior that might somehow be um… too gay ? yes I’m saying that tongue in cheek.

For example, a guy might pay another guy a compliment and follow it up immediately with “No homo!”
Guy 1: Hey dude those jeans are tight! No homo!

(Tight meaning cool or groovy depending on your generation, not close fitting)

Youth will also ask for a no homo clarification point if not offered voluntarily. As in “ain’t you gonna say no homo man?!”

always a good source of up to date 411:

So, in talking with some of the folks who volunteer for my program we like to poke fun at derogatory terms and have geeky human relations inside jokes and our newest gag needs to spread. So instead of “no homo” it’s “no hetero!”

I may say to my friend J “I love you man!” and hug him, followed immediately by ‘no hetero” with the mandatory step back and posturing.

Try that one on for size. It’s tight.



  1. M. Ruby Said:

    Rock on!

  2. inFable Said:

    lol. i do that no hetero thing. just to get something out of them. 🙂

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