Today I choose…

to call on my peeps for support knowing full well that there is an abundance of love and compassion in my life.

to be patient with myself.

to see the beauty in my world.

to see the beauty in myself.

to dream luxurious dreams.

to touch freedom with outreached hands knowing it is mine already.

to bless and be blessed.

to love and be loved.

to be fully present here and now.

to lay on the floor with a coloring book and take comfort in the smell of new crayons and sharing the book with a friend.

to read to a little boy and enjoy his wonderment at the story.

to be gentle and kind, with myself as well as others.

to dance!!

Today I choose to make life.  Stand back and admire my masterpiece, the wonder of it all.

Sigo en pie.

I’m still learning my way around this new borderland, this new adventure.  Sigo aprendiendo.  Daily.  Y eligo a diario seguir.



  1. I like this because I need to remember to do the same, especially living in the now

  2. lovinginthenow Said:

    Wonderful list of intentions!:”) Thank you for sharing it with us.


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