As a grrl I’ve never really done the whole giggly grrl borrowing clothes from each other thing, partly because of my sense of style and partly because of my voluptuosity.

So… needless to say I’m absolutely tickled that for the upcoming cabaret show –preview Wed at the Paradise Lounge on Broadway, show on Friday on the Queen Mary wooot!– I’m doing a drag number (if we don’t get cut) and I’m borrowing all kinds of clothing from all kinds of hawtties.

Boots, borrowing from hot friend #1, who I’m also lucky enough to live with *insert evil laughter*

Boxers borrowing from hot friend #2, yup.  He’s hot too. ha!

Binder, borrowing from hot friend #3.  Handsome devil that he is.

Now I need a beater and a shirt.  I think I am borrowing that from hot friend #4 but I haven’t hit her up yet.  I have a goal though.  Drag in all borrowed clothing.  Fuck yeah!  (dammit Scott I need the shirt off your back baby!)

I’ll confess I’m not packing due to logistical costume change isues–mainly a dick would look tacky in my diva gown– but I’m tempted to borrow socks for stuffing as well.  I have the cutest pink socks for that though!

One notable exception: the riding crop for the number= all mine.


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