I am the kind of girl who gets flowers. 

First date flowers.  Just because flowers.  Special ocassion flowers.  Thank you flowers.  Thinking of you flowers.  Second date flowers even! LOL

There’s something about displaying flowers that just says “loved,” “wanted,” or even “treasured.” 

Today I went to buy flowers for a few special people and was walking back to my office from the florist with my arms full of flowers.  I got admiring glances and people started conversations about the beautiful flowers I’d received.  When it happens in fact, I was giving them, and it also happens in fact that I am looking for arrangements for myself. 

I am celebrating a year of being single.  Commemorating, celebrating, rejoicing, enjoying.  And so I will have flowers all month.  From me.  Because I love, want, cherish, adore and treasure myself and I’d like the daily reminders of how amazing I am and how much I am enjoying me.  

I’m always surprised at how many people find the idea of buying oneself flowers to be novel, or even transgressive.  There is some kind of invisible taboo against showing self love in such a visible display.  I also get asked if I feel pathetic for doing that and I can answer in all honesty that I do not.  I feel proud and I feel blessed and I feel loved and I feel happy but not for a minute pathetic. 

I am the kind of girl who gets flowers from friends, from family, from lovers–potential, future, past–, from admirers , and from myself.  That’s exactly the kind of girl I want to be.

And I am also the kind of girl who gives flowers.  Just because I can. 



  1. Candida Said:

    You seem to be the kind of woman that should get flowers daily. I am happy to see that you are doing that for yourself this month. To love yourself and show it is a gift. It is also incredibly appealing and exciting. Thank you for bringing up those feelings for me. It has been seriously overdue.

  2. thealeticia Said:

    I’m glad this struck a chord for you and thank you for the lovely comment! I hope I’ve inspired you to give/send someone flowers as well 🙂

  3. sublimefemme Said:

    Hi, I just discovered your blog (it was mentioned on The Femme Show) and wanted to say that I love this post–not only because it’s such an important message for women, but also because until now I didn’t know anyone else who sent themselves flowers! I did this once or twice when I was going through a tough time last year. I even filled out the card with something inspirational, like I would if I were sending the gift to someone else. It helped!

    Thanks for the self-care reminder 😉
    Come and visit me sometime at Sublimefemme Unbound!

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