Why yes, I am posting this at 10PM but I’m in a coffee shop so well, yes, I’m posting bout coffee! Although I should be cut off by now prolly. eh. whatever.

 I have been hanging out at the local queer coffee shop and the more I do the more I feel like I am living in some perverse, weird, and sometimes ludicrous rerun of friends.  Okay, ocassionally just plain ole boring but that comes with the territory. 

Yesterday was a gloriously beautiful sunshiney southern california day so I got to hang out outside and paint for a few hours.  That was fun.  I got to check out some hawtties, get aproached by some asshats, satisfy some children’s curiosity to see what the lady was painting, and generally just be out in the sun doing something I love.  While there I also got to do another of the things I love: eavesdrop.  I was mostly absorbed by my painting but every now and then the fragments of conversation piqued my interest enough for me to tune in.  That or the fragments of conversation got Really Fucking Loud and hard to ignore.  I know all about all kinds of people’s drama and gossip.  I know who’s sleeping with whom, who wishes they were sleeping with whom, who has a new job, who’s unemployed and asking mum and dad for money, who turned tricks for money, who fell of the wagon, who needs to clean their house… I don’t know who these people are but I know all kinds of lives for them and I imagine what I don’t know, fill in the details.  IT’s fun to be new in a place and not really know the score. 

Even so, the Friends motif returns as I run into well, friends, at the cawfee shop even though I hardly know anyone in this town.  It helps to know the barrista, not only cause he’s a hottie and a future houseboy but well, because he knows all of lb. And so I can sit on the couch and talk for hours with a friend, I can run into random people I know, I can join random conversations, or just do my own thing.  So much better than being a regular at a bar.  And it’s fun to share life on a plush couch with caffeine.  It’s fun to just kick back and belong without even knowing very many people.  Nice to chill.  Nice to get to know the cast of characters.  Fun to explore.

I find myself getting bored with bars lately. I mean, I love to dress up and go to a club (and I did get new HOT HOT HOT Red shoes) but lately it’s just loud and crowded feeling.  Maybe coz I’m mostly going by myself and don’t have anyone to be loud and crowded with at present LOL  And going with friends isn’t much better since conversation is impossible.

In addition to my new coffeehouse habits I’m becoming addicted to lattes.  There’s a locally grown coffee shop in my work building and they make THE best lattes there.  Yum!

Am I being yuppified? Oh noez! 

I think I’m safe so far but I’ll watch for the warning signs. 



  1. scott Said:

    ohmahgah, if we did a role-play, in which i was rachel and you were ross, that would be so not hot!

  2. thealeticia Said:

    yeah I agree…


    if you were rachel and I was monica
    THAT would be hawt
    monica could make you scrub the kitchen floor on your hands and knees while smacking you with bright yellow gloves… mmmmmmmmm goood!


    if I was joey and you were chandler


    Or if you were phoebe and I was the random russian professor and you sang song to me

    that would just be Romantickul

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