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is the silent prayer no one knows about whispered in between heartbeats


Tropical Bitch anyone?

It’s my birthday! Yay!  I am LOOOOOOVIN’ my thirties!

Last night I went out with some folks from the chorale and had a few drinks.  I asked the bartender for something fabulous so he tried a new recipe on me: Tropical Bitch.  How fitting! It was yummy until he revealed the prescence of Red Bull in there.  Ack!  At that point it was yummy but I realized I was going to be bouncing all over the place if I had another! LOL

Hooray for birthdays and tropical bitches!  And cute bartenders who fix fabulous drinks and give nice birthday spankings.

Yes, I live in California!

and they are filming an Adam Sandler movie in the parking lot of my office building. 

I am amused.

I ride the bus and am therefore not annoyed.  It’s cool to look out the window and see:

the ocean

sea gulls circling


the hills

palm trees galore

cruise ships


the filming of a movie.


 Edited to add that I did indeed see Adam Sandler out there as well as a dog that might actually be Mr Beefy from Little Nicky.  How fun!

And so…

I adore this place.  I can’t say it enough. 

I went to the first camp for my job and it is soooo breathtakingly beautiful.  I rode up with my coworker and  friend and we got in the carpool lane and ended up going the wrong way which provided a gloriously beautiful detour.  Rolling hills, voluptous hills, delicious curvy hills that made me just want to taste earth, to bask in the sun, to feel their contours on my naked body.  Sensual landscapes that make every breath beauty. 

The campsite itself is gorgeous and the sky was so clear and beautiful. 

And the camp was simultaneously exhausting and energizing.  There’s something about watching so many young people venture down the path of erradicating racist oppression, including internalized oppression, and not just watching but facilitating: making facil, making easy, making possible, providing… everything about it just a blessing.  I met some amazing people.  I am constantly struck by sheer awe at how things are working out for me.  I am in love with my life. 

I am singing with the South Coast Chorale and hope to be doin’ a lil somethin’ for the Cabaret show we’ll have on the Queen Mary.  Auditions went well so I hope to hear soon if I have a solo but regardless our ensemble is going to sound amazing.  April 18th, save the date! 

and!  I have a roommate! Honestly sometimes things work in really weird ways.  I answered a craigslist ad that asked where all the queers were in lb.  So I of course was representin’.  Turns out she is way cool, we have sooooo much in common (d/g anyone?) and her roommate happens to be moving out.  Score!  She has a very cool kid and the room is totally cute.  And!  We have a houseboy on board who will be painting said room.  To those of you who enjoyed my previous purple paradise, I must sadly report I will not be going with vibrant and bold this time.  Color suggestions currently being considered.  I will post pics at some point in the near future.  I can walk to work, to buses downtown and trains.  And the rent is super reasonable.  So!  I shall be moving some time in mid March or April.  Yay! 

My birthday is coming up and my plans have changed (I’m happy with that) so I am not sure what I’m going to be doing but I’m sure of one thing: This is going to be an amazing year in my life.  I am loving my thirties.  I am enjoying my new life sooooo much.  I am enjoying my new friends, my new home! 

Ooooh and I submitted an abstract for a panel with a new friend (randomness in action again).  That will be fun if it gets accepted.  Aaaaand I’m submitting some stuff to be published, fiction.  Updates will be provided as soon as info is available.  I’m thrilled with the way everything is turning out so far.