At a session of the Instructor Development Program I attend as part of the PhD program I am in we focused on diversity.  Yay?

As a jumping off point for discussion we were asked to generate definitions of what diversity meant to us individually.  My final definition was that for me diversity means:

the representation, presence, and value of groups that are generally subordinate, whether it be poc, people with disabilities, different languages, etc.


personally, on a deeper level, it means, if I look around me, can I see myself reflected and celebrated in the space I am inhabiting.  Do I see me???  Latina, Person of Color, Queer… Am I seen?

So, I just got back from a visit with the Butchboy I am dating in California and the contrast between here and there is so sharp it takes my breath away.

From the minute I arrived, I felt at home.  The place looked like home, sounded like home, felt so warm and welcoming.  Brown people all over, kids running around, different languages, different cultures, the beautiful sky, the water lapping at my feet (albeit colder than I would have prefered).  Of course the company was fantastic but even beyond that, my sense of place was so wonderful.  And then there is Western Mass. 

 More than ever I realize my NEED to be surrounded by my people, my cultures, my art, my poetry, my music, my laughter, my foods, my scolding at kids across the park, my superstitions and compulsions… I NEED to be around mi gente latina.  I feel like I am withering, like I am becoming dry and cold like the anglo culture surrounding me. 

I am tolerating, not thriving.  That’s not okay.


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  1. M Said:

    It’s good to get these small bits of news about you. It sounds like you’re doing well in your new life. How is the queer/kink community in Western Mass? Did you notice a difference in this aspect between California and there? Just curious. Please write when you can.


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