Mea culpa

I can’t believe I haven’t updated here in so long!  Wow!  Well, I’ve been quite busy.  I am now a Master <insert evil laugh> having successfully completed my Thesis (it rocks! I’ll post a link soon) and survived the semester.

On other updates, M and I have parted ways, a Very Good Thing for me and news worth mentioning.

I am headed to UMass in the Fall to do my PhD in Communications.  I’d be more excited if I weren’t overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff I have to do in order to get ready to go.  I dragged my feet about the decision for a while, struggling with the thesis postpartum, the breakup, the vows of poverty, etc.  but finally I am fully committed and rearin’ to go!  Yay for new study carrels and tons of work. 

My one concern on the academic front: my first semester I have to take Qualitative Research Methods, way cool, AND Quantitative Research Methods.  Same semester. Math.  Me.  Ack!!!! 

but in general,

 Yay for Nerdom!



  1. Zuly Said:

    Nena!!!!! Que bueno saber de ti….llegué aquí por casualidad limpiando mi email.
    Nota alcalce: (Los rompimientos siempre son particulares en cada persona, no hay nada correcto que decir, así que no diré nada más.)

    Déjate ver!! Te felicito por todos tus logros alcanzados, nadie dudaba que lo hicieras.
    abrazos, Zuly.

  2. thealeticia Said:

    You, Me, Playa. Cuando? No tengo tu numero en mi celu, call me!

  3. {H} Said:


    Congrats on getting out of the fiefdom and double congrats in getting the Umass thing. I wish you the best.


  4. Felicidades en el Masters y el “pursuit of nerdom” . Al menos allá quizá no tengas que enfrentar tanta burocracia como en el RUM. Mucho éxito en todo.

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