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Mea culpa

I can’t believe I haven’t updated here in so long!  Wow!  Well, I’ve been quite busy.  I am now a Master <insert evil laugh> having successfully completed my Thesis (it rocks! I’ll post a link soon) and survived the semester.

On other updates, M and I have parted ways, a Very Good Thing for me and news worth mentioning.

I am headed to UMass in the Fall to do my PhD in Communications.  I’d be more excited if I weren’t overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff I have to do in order to get ready to go.  I dragged my feet about the decision for a while, struggling with the thesis postpartum, the breakup, the vows of poverty, etc.  but finally I am fully committed and rearin’ to go!  Yay for new study carrels and tons of work. 

My one concern on the academic front: my first semester I have to take Qualitative Research Methods, way cool, AND Quantitative Research Methods.  Same semester. Math.  Me.  Ack!!!! 

but in general,

 Yay for Nerdom!