I got my scores in the mail (dated December 27th!)

Verbal score: 640
Percentile below: 91 ~insert evil nerd laughter~

Quantitative score: 470
Percentile below: 21 ~insert certified math dumbass tshirt~

Analytical writing score: 6/6
Percentile below: 96 ~booyeah~

I rock! When I’m not being asked to calculate the area of the shaded portion of the figure. Bah! 😛

Back to my regularly scheduled procrastination.



  1. Ag Said:

    Yeah! You rock! This is totally awesome (according to my M’Kell)! I am so happy for you!

  2. H Said:

    not bad, not bad at all. considering the tiruesque atmosphere you had to endure….congrats

  3. thealeticia Said:

    LOL @ tiruesque

    Thanks y’all.

    I may be anti standardized testing but that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna be smarter than 96% (or 21% LOL) of people competing with me for fellowships.

  4. gaymer Said:

    great post.

    i have such mixed feelings when i remember spending time with my abuelita… and the guilt. oh, i know that guilt.

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