In case you were wondering

Thanks to the creative support of a friend I’ve found the title for my dissertation:

Deoedipalizing the postapocalyptic: rising oceans of love/tsunamis of polyamorous desire and postgaian cuddles in the Middle Ages

😉 N’est pas?

On a saner note (just barely):

I finally finished sending off my Ph.D applications last night, except for the one due in Feb which I will continue to procrastinate about. I am a nervous wreck about this shit and I am currently wishing I had applied in secret and not told a soul because what if I don’t get in, or what if I don’t get the fellowship/assistantships/financial aid packages I need to be able to do this? Or what if I don’t like the school colors after all and decide I’d rather not partake of an education that will not support my delicate aesthetic sensibilities? What then hunh?

I will thankfully be too busy finishing my thesis to angst much more.
Thesis updates coming soon (have to keep busy with this procrastination thing!)


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