Concrete Abstractions

This morning I got up early and went to the beach for a walk and to take some pictures. Usually going to the beach is a relaxing and energizing experience for me. Today I was distracted by all the fucking apartment complexes, bed and breakfasts, vacation homes and other monuments to the capitalist/colonialist/consumerist monster.

Beachfront property in Puerto Rico used to belong to Puerto Ricans. In fact, a lot of the poorest communities on the island were on beachfront property because fishing villages were there. Now, I dare you to find me a dozen local people who can afford to buy an acre. Okay, 1/2 an acre.

I am sick and tired of concrete.

On the island we say that you can’t eat concrete and that someday people will wake up and realize that.
But, as much as I love to eat, I couldn’t give a crap about eating the gray crap. After all, chicken nuggets grow in concrete boxes (from a merger of cardboard, styrofoam, tvp and salt) and ketchup grows in plastic so we’re set right. No, I’m not worried about eating concrete, I’m worried about loving it…

You can’t grab a handful of concrete and let it run through your fingers like water, soil or sand.

You can’t smell concrete and taste in the scent something living and vital.

You can’t squeeze it in your hand and feel the heartbeat of the earth, the subtle shift of energy.

You can’t grow anything in concrete.

You can’t celebrate the changes in concrete.

The beach where I used to go to gather seashells is now bordered by the litter of excess and greed and money. Cows used to graze in that pasture. And frankly, I prefer the smell of cowshit and salt to the smell of souless concrete boxes. I think I’ll stay away from this beach for a while. I’ll enjoy the pictures and the memories and go elsewhere.

Tres Palmas Morning



  1. halfawake Said:

    I think concrete can be beautiful too, but I agree that it’s far elss interactive.

  2. […] en el cual lanza una crítica al cemento y nuestra pasión por ese material en su artículo Concrete Abstractions. I am sick and tired of concrete. On the island we say that you can’t eat concrete and that […]

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