Finals Period: Lacy days

As Graduate Students we are faced with so many difficult decisions as part of our advancement toward the coveted degree: plan of study, which area to focus on, what to write our Thesis on, who to have on our committees, where to apply for our Ph.Ds. Is it worth it to take out one more student loan? Do I grade my students’ papers so I can be a responsable teacher or write my own paper so I can be a responsable paper. To sleep or not to sleep?

But today I’ve had to face one of the truly difficult decisions in a Grad Student’s life.

End of semester crisis:

Do I Shave my legs, Iron something, or do Laundry?

Because I HAVE TO go out in publicand look respectable, otherwise I’d be set with boxer shorts and holy t-shirts, this is an important discussion.

To northern dwellers the shaving legs thing may seem discordant,after all who shaves their legs during winter? One disadvantage of warm beach weather is that you can’t throw tights on and call it good.

Another wardrobe problem is that we take our air conditioning seriously in the tropics. If the windows aren’t frosted the AC must be busted. I spend much of my time in office or the library where I have a study carrel (my box) where layers are required to keep hypothermia at bay.

While the boxers and shirt are still tempting I actually trying digging through the CLEAN laundry (piled conveniently on the ironing board, there’s method to the madness, really there is) and I found a treasure!

I found the jeans I keep meaning to donate because they are big on me now. So, not only do I not have to do laundry
which involves putting it out on the line to dry and WAITING,
not have to iron
which involves moving all the CLEAN clothes off the ironing board and pissing the cats off,
not have to shave,
which involves showering with my eyes OPEN, a most inconvenient arrangement right now. . .

I even get a bonus self-image boost!

The jeans make me feel good and encourage me to ignore the couple of pounds I’ve gained thanks to the chocolate inducing combination of hormones and finals period. Yay!

I’m even wearing the sexy underwear because, well, it’s uncomfortable and so it’s clean. I think I remember reading somewhere that the lacy chaffe improves concentration.

I sure am looking forward to a break!


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  1. flightpattern Said:

    I totally get this! I finally HAD to do laundry Friday because I had no jeans and live in COLD weather. I did not, however, do a white load, and my uber-reliable Hanes tanks are almost all gone. This is especially crucial at semester-end, when I am layering whatever clean clothes I’ve got.

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