Yay for adulthood!

Picture this:

You are sitting at a table in a steakhouse buffet restaurant (think sizzler but locally owned). You are eating, chatting with your mate and your kid. You watch a person get up and go to the ice cream bar. You watch them come back, cone in hand, make polite eye contact, resume meal.

Then in a short bit you see the same person get up and go to the ice cream bar again. And return with another ice cream cone. You might smile inwardly a bit but otherwise just keep enjoying the meal.

Then, you see the same person go to the ice cream bar again. And come back with two cones.

Go back a bit. You had been at the buffet to get food and your kid (six year old kid) wants ice cream. He is trying to work the softserve machine (which if you were supervising him, he wouldn’t be doing anyway but don’t get me started on unsupervised children and restaurants) so this strange person helps him and asks him which kind he was trying to get and serves him his ice cream. Then you come over to get him ice cream just as a complete stranger is handing him a cone (which wouldn’t happen if you had been supervising your kid, right?).

Confusing? Slightly. Now go back to watching said person’s repeated trips back to the ice cream bar.

The ice cream fettishist is, indeed, my beloved weirdo. Yes, the family stared and probably told their friends about this person who not only fed their kid ice cream but also came went back for ice cream cones four times (one of them was mine but I’m not claiming it!).

What does my beloved weirdo say? “It’s good to be an adult!”

Yeah, it shows!

May your wisdom be multiplied by the number of ice cream cones you consume at an ice cream bar and the sprinkles smile upon you with sweet serenity.


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