Quick and Dirty

Well, sooner or later I knew life would sweep me up in a bundle of chaos and transport me a way from my beloved blog. But, I’m back with a quick and dirty update.

Especially quick.

My thesis is moving along nicely. I’m nearly done with my proposal: Learning by the Numbers: Discourse Analysis of No Child Left Behind Public Law 107-110 Representations in Puerto Rico.

I am still teaching the English for International Students course which has been an administrative NIGHTMARE but a joy to teach. The preparation is killing me though! Fortunately the M/W section is nearly done and the Saturday section is not far behind.

I’m also working as a research assistant which has been neat. As the project gets off the ground I’m mainly a go-fer but I enjoy the change of pace and the knowledge that going and making photocopies truly is a valuable and important contribution.

Oh and let’s not forget a few conferences I’m helping organize. And a possible translating contract. (I don’t know if I should hope I get it or hope I don’t!)

Sleep is a distant memory. My writing clock is not really compatible with my other responsibilities. It wants to write/read until 3:00 AM. That is not so good when you have to be somewhere by 9:00AM.

I am a full-time nerd right now and I’m actually enjoying it.

That’s my update. So there! Now, back to the books.


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