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Don’t Eat the Flan!

My students are watching Real Women Have Curves…

did you eat the flan today?

 While I’m currently on plan and working on losing weight, few things could be more awesome than the scene in the factory where they all have a mutual fat admiration party!  Hooray for hips (where flan lives).


Quick and Dirty

Well, sooner or later I knew life would sweep me up in a bundle of chaos and transport me a way from my beloved blog. But, I’m back with a quick and dirty update.

Especially quick.

My thesis is moving along nicely. I’m nearly done with my proposal: Learning by the Numbers: Discourse Analysis of No Child Left Behind Public Law 107-110 Representations in Puerto Rico.

I am still teaching the English for International Students course which has been an administrative NIGHTMARE but a joy to teach. The preparation is killing me though! Fortunately the M/W section is nearly done and the Saturday section is not far behind.

I’m also working as a research assistant which has been neat. As the project gets off the ground I’m mainly a go-fer but I enjoy the change of pace and the knowledge that going and making photocopies truly is a valuable and important contribution.

Oh and let’s not forget a few conferences I’m helping organize. And a possible translating contract. (I don’t know if I should hope I get it or hope I don’t!)

Sleep is a distant memory. My writing clock is not really compatible with my other responsibilities. It wants to write/read until 3:00 AM. That is not so good when you have to be somewhere by 9:00AM.

I am a full-time nerd right now and I’m actually enjoying it.

That’s my update. So there! Now, back to the books.