It’s rainin’

When it rains, it pours.
Al que no le gusta el caldo, le dan tres tazas.
Eramos muchos y parió la abuela.

All applicable–and all a result of a conversation with my friend who is writing her Thesis on Proverbs. I am still feeling a bit lost but at least it’s a good lost. 🙂 Now I’m lost in my piles of work for my Thesis, for my class in Psycholinguistics, for the class I’m teaching (especially) and, theoretically, GRE studying!

I’m incredibly happy to be back and have the chance to finish my MA, but I don’t see the campus the same way anymore.

It used to be one of those places where I automatically belonged. Even when dealing with frustrating administrative crap, even when protesting unfair policies, even when closing down the gates during student strikes, I had a sense of belonging and entitlement. Now, I feel tentative. I feel transparent; ghost-like as I wander the halls. Some people who knew about my ordeal treat me like a ghost, welcome or otherwise. It might be good that I don’t feel comfortable at my school anymore. It’s just pushing me to finish and get out. It’s never been a school I’ve been happy with academically, but it’s always been comfortable. Perhaps now is the time to leave complacency behind and get ready for a new intellectual adventure.

In the meanwhile, you will find me (but only if you look real hard) locked up in a carrel in the library with my piles of books and notes and fears and hopes and dreams. I always belong alongside books. 🙂


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