God of War

And before I forget, I had a chance yesterday to view the violent and sex laden game that my (30 year old) friend’s mom had refused to buy for him.

I had been told about the “off the hook” graphics, which were “on point.” The game is “tight.”

I was sugared up on low gi, low fat, low cal homemade cookies (which I mixed and he baked in a pot because the oven turned out not to work) and coffee, and video games where all I had to do was crash my car into shit (yeah, now that I can do!) when I was subjected to this god of war stuff.

I feel like my pacifist self should be folding extra cranes just to make amends for the graphic blood bath I witnessed. But here’s why I love my friend (whom I’ll refer to as A, for the sake of convenience of course):

A: Check this out, check this out. (playing)
Me: Wow, yeah you are very strong.
A: oh yeah!
Me: Oh nice blood. Very impressive you big strong man you.
A: I know.
Wait check this shit out, the graphics are sick.
Me: oh yeah. It’s raining in the background. (snoring)
A: Now peep this!
Me: Yeah, you killed him dead.
A: Now watch watch watch this!
Me: Mmmmm. Yeah. Wow.

I didn’t get to see the part that was really “banging” but I feel like I should call his mom and apologize for being an accomplice in his enjoyment of such an inappropriate game.

But I have 980 cranes to go.


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