Phone issues

My cellphone is busted 😦 so if you tried calling me, sorry. I can’t even retrieve my voicemail so I’m not ignoring anyone deliberately. I also don’t have hardly any phone numbers outside the damn little thing.

In the meanwhile, email works best or you can call me on my landline.

My agenda for the day:
Go to Estudios Graduados for a letter to the registrar telling them to enroll me.
Go to registrar and be told x is missing still.
Go to 6 or 7 different offices to get x.
Go back to registrar.
Cry and have a full on tantrum in the middle of the office.
Enroll in classes.

oh wait. That was yesterday. Yeah, I think I’ll do it again. Why else would I be up at 6:15 AM!


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  1. hugo Said:


    check this:
    she’s not appy

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