Appeal granted!

Nothing says “HELL Yeah!!!!” like a memo, in this case one from the Director of Graduate Studies to the Interim Director of the Department of English:

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 15:11:39 -0400
Dear Dr. Virtanen (Interim Director Dept of English):

During today’s meeting, the Graduate Council granted Ms. Thea Leticia one year to complete her masters degree and Ms. xxxxxxxxxxxx a readmission effective January 2007. The Council asked me to point out to you that from the discussion of these two cases it became evident that, at least
in the past, your department has done a poor job of informing its graduate students about important regulations concerning graduate studies, such as how long they have to complete their degrees and how many readmissions they can request.

You may want to inform your professors that it is the duty of the academic adviser to keep his/her graduate students informed about university regulations and requirements to complete their degrees (3.a in In addition, the department should have a person in charge of following the progress of all its graduate students, so that they are informed well in advance about important deadlines and regulations.

Our office will gladly help you establish an efficient system to keep track of your graduate students. We can also refer you to several large graduate programs that carefully track their student’s academic progress, and avoid problems such as the ones the Council had to deal with today.

Jose A. Mari Mutt
Director of Graduate Studies
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez



  1. Felicidades, espero que tengas muy buen semestre.

  2. thealeticia Said:

    Gracias!!! Nada más el alivio de haber resuelto me garantiza un semestre tolerable. 🙂 y tu semestre que tal?

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