Last call

With my appeal scheduled for Thursday I feel like I’m wound way too tight. You know how your cat will be on your lap, purring and happy one moment but then you can feel their posture shift and their muscles tense when they are getting ready to leap, like they are gathering all the energy around them into their bodies so that they can tear across the room and hang from the curtains… yeah, that’s what I feel like. Except the human body is not that well adapted to spring. I’m working on it.

I’m trying to mentally rehearse all the possibilities and prepare to deal with the suspension being upheld. I can hardly even imagine that possibility: it really offends my sense of justice too much for me to fathom it. But, if it does happen then… what? That’s the question I’m struggling with.

I hardly dare to hope.

But I do hope.

So, if I know you, the next two days would be a good time to holla. If you landed here via a weird google search (the most common one being stretch marks, go figure!) and you read this far, then send me some positive energy as well.



  1. holla! B-) You know I got ‘da energy comin’ your way and I’m always on-call as a human punching bag when you need me. Lots of love.

    ~ FR

  2. hugo Said:


  3. Hi,
    been disconnected — sorry about your suspension. hope everything goes well today. good vibes to all your chakras.

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