Suspended? ME???

Well boys and girls, the latest news is that I’ve been suspended from the lovely institution where I go, wait, make that, USED TO go to grad school, and teach.

The school is claiming that I have exceeded my limit (6 years) to complete the degree. They are not including in that calculation that I left the program for 4 years!!! I had to reapply to get back in. I have one course and a thesis to go and I’m being told that either I lose my credits or I have to wait for a year and then come back and reapply through a bureaucratic masturbation session that makes no sense.

WTF???? Not only have I been a productive scholar, a responsible teacher, a member of committees in this department and on the coordinating team of several conferences, but I haven’t even been here that bloody long!

The disturbing part of this is that I just got the letter YESTERDAY. The semester starts August 9th. You do the math and figure out how much time that gives me to:

a. try to stop them from kicking me out

b. find a job (ha!)

Did I mention offices were closed today? Include that in your calculations.

So, my world is suddenly upside down. I am blessed with wonderful friends who are being most encouraging (and shitty pessimistic friends who are close to my heart! LOL) and I can’t even express how much the support and help means to me. I am freaking out. I have budgeted to make it to my first paycheck–well make it is an overstatement… squeak through to my first paycheck. Mag has been job hunting for TWO months and had no luck. I am the only financial support in our household and now I’m told I have no income and no school. No way!

This institution has been unsupportive to me so many times that I sometimes wonder what I’m still doing there.

So, forgive the unenlightened/ening rant and go light a candle, walk a maze, say a prayer, whirl, or eat a chocolate sundae, whatever you chose to get close to the divine, in my name.

Pretty soon you’ll see a paypal account set up so you can donate loose change to my dogfood fund (for the dogs people por favor!).



  1. Stella Said:

    :O What! I can’t believe it…tu que has estado tan envuelta en las actividades y de verdad te importa lo que estas haciendo (que no eres como otra gente que esta haciendo la maestria para que le suban el paycheck).

    Espero que haya una solucion favorable para esto. :/ Good luck!

  2. Sharon Said:

    I am absolutely shocked at this. WTF! This is crazy. If their is anything I can do to help please let me know. This just reenforces my belief that the institution where we study sucks. 😦 Good luck.

  3. thealeticia Said:

    I need luck/divine intervention like a mofo at this point! Let me know if you hear of any jobs. Yet another burger flippin’ grad school dropout (kickout?) is on the market.
    Thanks for the support guys!

  4. […] With my appeal scheduled for Thursday I feel like I’m wound way too tight. You know how your cat will be on your lap, purring and happy one moment but then you can feel their posture shift and their muscles tense when they are getting ready to leap, like they are gathering all the energy around them into their bodies so that they can tear across the room and hang from the curtains… yeah, that’s what I feel like. Except the human body is not that well adapted to spring. I’m working on it. […]

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