House of Fear

I think for Halloween I will charge admission to my house and invite all my friends to come get spooked because I can cover most of my friends’ fears right here.

Let’s see… first I have mice. Obligatory disclaimer and context: I live on acres of jungle. The land next to us was recently cleared so there are tons of homeless critters who appreciate the jungle and end up over here. I also don’t have screens on half of the house (although with the funds from the house of fear I might be able to put some in!). Hence, critters and bugs (we even had a bird hang out in here not too long ago) come in at will or cuando les da la gana. So, yeah. Mice come around. Of course, I have a few friends who are terrified of mice…

Next, of course, there are bugs. Remember, no screens. This includes the lovely flying roaches we all love so much. Another fear covered.

And spiders. Check!

And furthermore, we have two dogs. One of whom is almost a pony weighing over 100lbs. Of course, one of my friends is afraid of dogs.

And two cats. Yes, those spooky soul sucking creatures… Next?

At night, there are tons of bats around (not in the house though, that would be interesting). We appreciate them because they eat bugs and they are cool. But some people don’t share our love of the critters.

I need to work on a few more… maybe move my house closer to water, get a few snakes (who would eat the mice, this is all coming together!) and possibly a clown or two. By October I should have it all ready to go.


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