My latest… geographic tongue disease. Who the hell has something called GEOGRAPHIC tongue?!

I almost made a lascivious comment when my dentist told me that’s what I have, and furthermore she also has it. LOL



  1. Stella Said:

    O.o I’d been meaning to comment for a while now, but I’m always rushing around.

    But, Geographic Tongue? o.o Yeah, that made me stop in my tracks.

    And, don’t worry about being a bad latina. I’m one too. Oh well. We can’t always live up to the fantasies the world has about us. 😛

  2. Mirta Said:

    **sigh** ok, here’s little ‘ol ignorant Tee. What in the world is a geographic tongue??

  3. Sharon Said:

    Hey! I hope you are feeling better. Mmmm… what is geographic tongue and is it contagious? Other than that it sounds kinda kinky if you think about it, but then again I think most things can be kinky in the right circumstances. Take care of that tongue and where you put it just in case!

  4. It indeed sounds kinky but at the same time pat’h’ological… what is it is your tongue parcial to specific geographic kinkyness?

  5. thealeticia Said:

    I can’t explain what it is without sticking my tongue out, pointing, drooling and overall looking very unkinky and unappealing LOL

    But it sounds like the beginning of a great pick-up line… nuestras lenguas geográficas viajarán juntas… enigüey!

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