No funding!?

I had applied for university money to enable me to go to the conferences I’ve been accepted to in the Fall and I got my response.


I’m disappointed and a little desperate because I don’t think I can manage to go without funding.

It’s good to feel my scholarship is supported.

The work I do is not considered academically rigorous by traditionalists. It is not seen as relevant to an English Department, is not seen as serious.

The denial of funding may have nothing to do with this disdain for cultural studies. It may have nothing to do with the fact that I’m a lowly graduate student as many wonderful members of the faculty have made it their mission to remind me. It may have nothing to do with the controversial and politically charged nature of the research I am doing for the conference. I am certainly feeling sorry for myself so that certainly has something to do with my reactions. The end result is still that I have no support.

I’ll get over it I’m sure but right now, I’m disappointed to tears.
It feels too much like a personal rejection and too much like a betrayal.


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  1. Yes, tradition at the RUM goes something like – antes, ahora y siempre … PhDs only. Well not always, they might respect you if you win some external distinction.

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