Thesis defense

I sat in on my friend Joe's thesis defense and it was quite interesting. I'd heard about what he was doing in informal conversations but it was really interesting to hear him actually present it. 

His Master's Thesis was on Shakespeare's Tetralogy which he examined from a New Historicist perspective.  He focused on the coexistence of chivalric and Machiavellian themes in the presentation of Hal and Bollingbrook and how the plays cannot be 'reduced' to represent only a the latter view but rather show a sort of shift and coexistence: that the moments of Machiavellian behavior took place within a chivalric order and were presentations of possibilities.  The chivalric order, if I understoon correctly, is seen as the underpining ideology.

I'm being terribly reductionistic here and because I've not read the plays in a long time I'm not capturing the nuances of his proposal but he did a great job of breaking it down and justifying his position.  It was a very interesting and I thought effective proposal for reading the texts.

He's working on a few revisions and then he's done. WTG man!

Hopefully he'll comment (or sue me for libel) if I've misrepresented his work–which given my sleep patterns these last two weeks is entirely possible.



  1. lol. Good post.


  2. thealeticia Said:

    What kind of comment is that??! Good post! Harumph! They all are! Nothing short of genius I say!

    Kay. Hissy fit covered. Time for my nap. 😉

  3. Apostrophe Said:

    I do not know who this Jose is, but I’m just glad that he is out of the program and out of your life. He definitely seems like a bad influence.

    By the way, Paul Simon is dropping a new CD today. Now that’s a cool dude.

  4. thealeticia Said:

    Only a bad musical influence.

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