Toilet thoughts

There are days where I am just so exhaustingly busy, so painfully busy, so agonizingly busy, so hectically, frantically, busily busy, that my bladder is a welcome caller. 

 Have you ever had days where it seems like the only time you get for yourself, the only moment of relaxation is sitting on the john? 

Mothers of small children will understand, except they don't even get to go potty by themselves unless they are lucky.

My small child is called Grad School and it isn't even cute.  To think that when I started this blog I envisioned working through some of the research I'm doing, posting film reviews, media thoughts, deep shit y'know.  No.  I'm writing about the toilet.

I have been too busy to even pee today!  Finally I snuck away before going to teach and went to the bathroom and as I sat on the toilet I heard my inner voice sighing with relief. Not only the emptying of the bladder but having a moment to just sit.  By myself.  With my pants around my ankles. 

I'm not an introvert–mind you, I'm defining introversion and extroversion not as popularily conceived of as gregariousness or isolation, sociable or reclusive, but rather by what it is that energizes me.  Introverts recharge their batteries by having down-time alone, extroverts by being around others.  I am somewhere in between.  And days when my inner life is populated by a neurotic cast of characters, that moment on the toilet is a sanity saver.  It's mine.  Me me me!  What's sad is that the sigh on the toilet is all the me time I allow myself these days as I rush around trying to wrap up one of the crappiest semesters I've had on many levels.

I am looking forward to a lot of things during break.  I am looking forward to doing the work I WANT to do. I am looking forward to finally having time to work on my research.  I am looking forward to cleaning my damn house.  I am looking forward to READING!  And watching movies.  And going out for drinks with friends who have also been insanely busy.  And I'm looking forward to just sitting on the beach (in deep shade thanks a lot Joe!) and just being.  That sounds glorious.  Just being.  On the beach.  Sitting.  Just.

But.  Until papers are all graded, final exams are given (and taken), grades are done and turned in, papers are all completed and turned in, I will have to settle for the sounds of water coming from the sink and the waves of the power flush. 

A side note:  I'm supposed to be teaching next semester at 7:30 in the morning.  Somebody hates me!  I'm not one to complain frivolously and I'm glad to be teaching BUT at 7:30 in the blessed morning I have a hard time articulating enough to talk to my dog.  Nevermind a classroom full of eager young minds.  Pray for this poor night owl.



  1. jonathantu Said:

    Thea, I get my best thinking done on the toilet. In fact, one of my cardinal pleasures in life is to read while on the porcelain shrine: sports magazines, Time, newspapers, theat[e]r[e] scripts, science fiction, you name it I’ve read it while in the bathroom.

    It makes sense: the restroom is practically a sacred area anyway. Where better to get your thinking done than in your sanctum sanctorum?

    Plus for multi-taskers, it’s manna.

  2. Kristi Said:

    Hey girl, I’m so far behind that I just read about your publication. I know, I suck but I truly understand your recent blog about the only time to yourself is on the toilet! So Congratulations late, I miss you both so much and hope to be better about writing…okay, who am I kidding, look forward to hearing from me in a few months. Love you!

  3. Apostrophe Said:

    I heard people that do to much thinking in the toilet are fans of country music.

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