Student evaluations

Every semester I ask students to write an anonymous evaluation of the class which includes: my teaching, reading selections and writing assignments, class activities, and their own growth aas writers and thinkers. I’ve gotten one section back so far and I thought I’d include some highlights. They are taken verbatim from student responses, “mistakes” and all:
English 3104 has been a hell of experience for me.

Although I didn’t like that much the amout of work given by the teacher, this in particular help improve my writing skills to the extent that I may have more vocabulary, organization and developed techniques that I will certainly use in the future.

Analyzing poems was to me the toughest thing, because there’s no such thing as a right or wrong answer, but that made it more interesting because it open to me a world of possibilities, a world that was unknown and that I underestimated.

I like the way the class develops because you feel the freedom to tell what you really think and that makes us grow personally and as a group because we learn to listen and take to a new understanding other thoughts and ideas.

I really appreciate the effort and work you put into making us better writers as well as better persons, by believing in us and pushing us to reach that extra mile.

Sometimes I actually wanted to keep on reading.

What I would change of the class is that maybe some works are assigned on a date and if you forget to take them on that exact date the professor will not take it.

From an eval titled “English without hate it”
[. . .] she is serious in her job but she is an open-minded person that understand and have good relations with her students. She likes students to be very involved in class and respect each other when they are talking without margin anyone’s opinion.

My suggestion for the class it will be that it can be more interesting add some audiovisual every week

I never get bored in this class.

I have no more to say: excellent class.

Thea, you make me write papers that I never thought I could do, and I discover that if a professor does not put pressure in the students they never will put effort to make their minds thinks further.

I really did not like the class because I felt that we studied almost the same issues each time we read a different story. Mostly the all dealt with violence or discrimination [. . . ]

she made every student feel as they’ve known each other for a long time.

Sometimes we have the same amount of pressure that gives a chemistry or precalculus class.

The semester was weird but it was productive and I had great classes. These are the evals from one section I’ll surely post highlights from the other one as well.

I am truly blessed to be able to do something I love.


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