Violence in video games

We've all heard the hype about violence in video games: it corrupts fragile little minds, incites chaos, and it promotes antisocial behavior. I have a case study for your consideration.

My friend, let's call him A. asked his mom for a video game. He wanted the game "God of War."  He REALLY wanted it.  My little friend practically begged for this game.  His little heart was set on it.

His mom did not buy him the video game for his birthday.

My friend was sad.

He tried hard not to sound ungrateful when he asked him mom, almost in tears, why she wouldn't buy him the game. 

His mom explained that it was way too violent for him and she didn't approve of that kind of games.

This is a true story.  An uplifting story.  The mothers of America are saving lives by protecting their sons and daughters from violence and gore and immorality in media.

Oh, and btw, Happy 30th Birthday A.! 


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  1. […] And before I forget, I had a chance yesterday to view the violent and sex laden game that my (30 year old) friend’s mom had refused to buy for him. […]

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