I Heart Grad School II

Being a Grad student is not good.

1. It’s not good for my budget. My stipend is not enough to put ONE person on the poverty line, much less two people!
Aside from gas money, from the money spent on books (which, let’s face it I’d spend anyway!), cds (for research mind you), magazines (likewise), I also spend money on food because I have no time to cook.
Which leads to:

2. It’s not good for my weight loss efforts. I am stuck but I know it’s because my eating is completely off. I eat at weird hours, eat not-so-healthy foods because they are all that’s available to me, and just generally don’t have time to plan. Much less exercise. *sigh* I do so miss the gym. And I’m not being sarcastic. I really enjoy working out. But with this semesters’ schedule it’s been literally impossible to find time while they are open.

3. It’s not good for my social life. Non-nerd friends don’t get that I need to do my research first, that I want to finish reading something, or that I actually LIKE to write! I’m not antisocial, I’m just too friggin’ busy!

4. It’s not good for my home!
So, it being spring break already, I’ve decided that in addition to working on papers and grading student work, I must clean this place. And my car. Ugh! My floor hasn’t seen a mop in over a month. Yuck.

5. It’s not good for my writing. I’m forced to conform to different standards and formats and then end up with no voice and no time to do my own writing. And, I am tired of being condescended to.
And let’s not even get into my ‘creative’ writing.

6. It’s not good for my skin. WTF I have pimples! Dammit! It’s also not good for my feet: I need a pedicure DESPERATELY. I also need to pluck my eyebrows. LOL I’m a hairy, callus-footed, pimply, fat nerd. Sounds like 9th grade all over again. 😛

7. It’s pretty lonely at times and I sometimes feel like I’m fighting too many battles at once.

But nonetheless, I do love what I do! I’m just glad I get a week to do it on my own terms.



  1. Jason Said:

    I understand. The undergrads I work with ask where I went for break, I tell them that I live here. I came into work. You go on vacation for eleven days and I was here doing experiments and writing papers. You are right we definately have to enjoy what we are doing to put up with it all. But having someone else sure does help.

  2. thealeticia Said:

    Not to mention grading and lesson plans! LOL
    But you’re right, having someone else helps a lot!

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