One of the things I was thinking about after the “Coloquio ¿Del Otro La’o?” is the use of all the letters. It was brought up early on (although I can’t remember which session honestly) how now we have to add these other letters. It was the cause for much laughter and some snide remarks.

I may be in the minority but I’m glad we’re adding the letters. I still see too much othering in our communities. The string of letters may be awkward to say but nonetheless it’s good to be included. Just because our little letter is included doesn’t mean it is not important to have other identities be represented. I’d rather go through the inconvenience of saying a few extra syllables than participate in hierarchies of oppression by stating that someone’s “letter” isn’t as important as mine.

Seeing as how we still haven’t fully integrated Transgender and Transexual people into our community on many levels (they’re cool in the clubs and on stage but anathema elsewhere), I’m loathe to say the labels are unecessary.

I’ve been reading lately about Asexuality as a sexual orientation and it’s really interesting stuff.
Basically the idea is that asexual people do not experience sexual attraction. Having met people like that (before they had a community to identify with) I can see how it’s an orientation in itself. It’s very difficult for me to understand, but not to accept.

What I’ve always loved about Queer (and have always lamented about the lack of an equivalent in Spanish) is the inclusiveness. Queer can be heterosexual, polygamous s&mers or the married gay couple next door.

But Queer isn’t for everyone.

Mientras tanto, I will learn to pronounce the extra letters with the same agility as I did the shorter strings before.

I welcome comments on this issue though, I know there are many different positions on this. No pun intended.



  1. fuertes_rafagas Said:

    Hey. I want to know all of the letters also. It’s something I’ve been meaning to learn for awhile. Is it really “LGBTTQQ?” You should fill me in. No letter is better than any other and I’m all about inclusiveness and anti-othering. Is that a word? Anyway, I totally agree with you.


  2. César Emil Said:

    Coloquio Del Otro La’o: Pasa la voz, el proceso de convocatoria comenzo. ¡Espero verte en el Coloquio!

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