And I almost forgot! I sent in my abstract for an anthology on Reggaeton today. It wasn’t the best abstract I’ve written but at least I’m giving it a shot. I’d love to get in but I’ll be okay if my paper isn’t accepted.

I hate writing abstracts! It doesn’t matter whether the paper is finished or not. I just hate writing abstracts.

The one thing I hate even MORE is writing my bio. I’ve been working on my CV and want to have it functional soon. Then I am going to write a standard submissions bio and have it reviewed by a committee and just have it so I don’t have to be rethinking how the hell to write the generic paragraph version of me each time I submit!

Anyhow, fingers crossed everyone!

I should hear back from FELAFACS soon as well. Eeek! I’m going to be a Very Busy Woman if all my projects get accepted. Good thing I love writing!



  1. Stella Said:

    I’m actually good at writing abstracts…it’s the essays that cause me mental blocks the size of Alabama. Good luck with the papers!

    Also, glad to hear the colloquium went well. I wanted to go, but, alas, I have a shit inner calendar. >.>

  2. thealeticia Said:

    You should try outter calendars, I’ve heard they work quite well 😉

    Any luck with bios? I had to send in a bio for another submission yesterday with a PICTURE. As if it weren’t bad trying to find the RIGHT stuff to say, I have to find the RIGHT pic to include. Bleah!

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