Fiel a la Vega

Por fin! At long last I got to see Fiel a la Vega live. I’d been wanting to see them since before they made it big, but something always came up. Finally last night I made it to 5 dias con nuestra tierra and saw them.

The band before them was Gombajabari, which I was introduced to by M. who raved about them and gave me a cd to listen to. They are a reggae roots band. It’s interesting that the drummer is the singer. They were great! I don’t know very much about roots but fortunately I have M and one of my students who are educating me. The horns were awesome with some righteous saxophone action (I wish I still played!) and some surprisingly jazzy riffs. I’m glad I got to hear them.

I also got to watch the bouncy dancers which I’ve never quite understood. Roots sounds pelvic to me, not bouncy. It always amuses me to watch young men bouncing around in a trance. Very fun. Very friendly vibe and very good music.

Then, Fiel a la Vega! Yay! I made my way to the very front of the stage. I always enjoy watching shows set up for some reason. Maybe it’s my years in theatre and running crew for various shows. It was interesting to look around and see how young everybody seemed to be. It really took me back to my years as an undergrad here, and even then I was older than my colleagues having transfered in and taken time off to save the world and be an organizer. 😛

Their performance was great. The crowd sang along to every single song. I love Tito’s voice and I just love their lyrics. It was great to watch the chemistry of the band. It was great watching their response to the crowd as everyone sang along. That has got to be an awesome experience, to hear a crowd singing your song back to you… I know it’s awesome to be in a crowd when everyone is so intune to the music. It’s great to see local bands making it without watering down their message of social criticism. It was everything I expected, until my feet got tired from the hours of standing (in mud).


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