Hopefuller country

“I want it to be said that the Bush administration was a results-oriented administration, because I believe the results of focusing our attention and energy on teaching children to read and having an education system that’s responsive to the child and to the parents, as opposed to mired in a system that refuses to change, will make America what we want it to be–a literate country and a hopefuller country.”
Washington DC January 11, 2001

Wrap your brain around that!

I don’t know if I’m feeling hopefuller or not but I sure am feeling busy. This month is absolutely insane for me. Too many deadlines, too little time!

I can hardly wait for Spring Break. I have SOOOOOOOO much work to do during Spring Break BUT it’s mainly my fun work (for conferences and such and stuff I’m INTERESTED in) and furthermore I hereby declare that I will do a great deal of it while ensconced in a comfy beach chair with a tropical drink in one hand. If I could line up some beautiful people to stand around in loincloths and fan me with freshly cut palm fronds that would be good too.

In the meanwhile, I will take my hopefuller self back to work!


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