The signing of the abortion ban in South Dakota is so upsetting and angering to me that I am rendered virtually inarticulate. Not quite though.

My views on abortion as a proceedure are mixed. I have never been in a position where that would be an issue for me. I have friends who have been through abortions and I know a lot of them have conflicted feelings about it. I recently had someone close to me have an abortion. She and her husband were married because she was pregnant to begin with. She never especially wanted children: now she has one and she’s sure she doesn’t want any more. So, she got pregnant and they decided to have an abortion. I wept when I heard she’d gone through with it. I wished I were in a position to adopt the child. I wished circumstances were different in many ways. I wish we all had more choices.

On a personal level, I find abortion to be painful and complex and potentially traumatic but also potentially empowering.

Which is why legally I think the state has no fucking business anywhere near my cunt or Any of its desires, emissions, byproducts, or dreams. Unless Gov. Mike Rounds had the distinct privilege of bedding me, or any of the thousands of women who might be affected by this law, he should not be concerned with whether or not we have abortions.

Morals are subjective and are relative.

Is abortion immoral?

That should matter personally.


Legally it should make no difference.

Most forms of lying are legal. I think lying is immoral.

I think having Georgie for prez is immoral.

I think war is immoral and education is sacred.

Where is money from the national budget going?

And, I do believe life is sacred.

But I think the life of the mother is just as sacred as the innocent fetus we romanticize so.

If you haven’t read Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, or Orwell’s 1984 get thee to the bookstore cause that’s where we’re headed.



  1. Viviana Said:

    Just like you, I have mixed emotions. I definitely think the life of the child is as important as the life of the mother, but at the same time is her decision whether she wants to keep the baby or not. Why bring children to this world that you don’t want in the first place? That is why I agree with you when you say that the government should have no business whatsoever in a situation like that. That is something only a mother can decide.

  2. thealeticia Said:

    I also think the life of a child is important but…

    that life goes on after making it out of the womb.

    THEN where are the politicians when that child is unwanted, when a mother is unable (for whatever reason–financial, physical health, emotional or mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse, busy workschedule, etc.) to take care of the baby, when extra help is needed. That’s where the anti abortion activists should be sending their checks!

    Glad to see your comments on here!


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