Teachers against war

I’m not even sure I’m ready to write about this, but my heart is sad tonight. I just found out that one of my students who is in the armed forces is going on active duty before the end of the semester. I cried when I read his email.

I am very much against this war, I am against war on principle. I abhor what it does to the human spirit. I see no good in war. Particularly this stupid, expensive, false war which should have ended a long time ago. Well, according to Mr. Bush it has ended. But my student is going on active duty.

Peace is sacred. The word seems so mundane, but to me invoking peace is invoking whatever god/dess principle one might choose to believe in. To recognize the sacred in each other is an act of humanity and love that cannot be achieved through armed conflict. Armed conflict requires Othering, requires distance and requires a complete departure from compassion that I find frankly immoral. To put a young man in that position is unpardonable.

I know I’m not my usual articulate self (riiight) but sometimes words fall short.

In the meanwhile visit these sites and if anyone knows of a teachers organization in my neck of the woods drop me a line. I know some people are working with the NCLB already…

Perhaps Madres Contra La Guerra needs (or has??) a teachers’ organization too. In fact, isn’t their monthly protest this Friday??



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  1. Jeffrey Willis Said:

    *nod* Sometimes words fall short, sometimes there aren’t words needed… Peace, and Love… peace and Love…

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