I Heart Grad School

So, this weekend? I like? wrote? like? A lot!?

I am now in a printing frenzy and I realized I’ve netted 4.5 papers this past weekend. The .5 is in draft stage. One more is on the way tomorrow. Plus I’ve graded about 120 papers, and I’ve read probably about 400 pages. And tried *cough* to clean a bit. And sleep. Tried to sleep.

So that leaves one more paper to write for this week. Then a weekend and I can write 4 or 5 more papers. Wow!

No wonder I don’t have a life! LMAO!

My fun for the week is even nerdy! LOL I’ll be driving my mom to the airport and taking pictures of graffiti in the optimistic hope that my paper be accepted and I can incorporate them into my presentation. Think I’ll stop for an overpriced coctail in Old San Juan so I’ll feel more bohemian and less like a nerd!


Repeat after me: I will not burn out! I will NOT burn out!!



  1. Jeffrey Willis Said:

    Better to burn out than fade your jeans… or something like that. 😉

    Remember, as a phoenix you can reserve the right to burn out, and come back blazing and new, anytime you feel like it 😉

  2. thealeticia Said:

    Hmmm… the jeans part sounds deep but I don’t get it 😛

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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