Bochinche Bilingüe

Bochinche Bilingüe
de Tato Laviera

los únicos que tienen
problemas con vernáculo
lingüístico diario de nuestra gente
cuando habla de
las experiencias de su cultura popular
son los que estudian solamente
a través de los libros
porque no tienen tiempo para
hablar a nadie, ya que se pasan
analizando y categorizando
la lengue exclusivamente
sin practicar el lenguage.

el resto de estos
boring people
son extremistas aburridos
educadores perfumados
consumidores intellectuales
de la lengua clásica castellana
al nivel del siglo diesiocho
racistas monolingües en inglés
monolingües comemierddas en español
filósofos nihilistas
y revolucionarios mal entendidos
todos los cuales comparten
una gran pendejá

¡P’al carajo los boring people! ¡P’al carajo monolingües comemierdas y acomplejaos!
That’s what I’m talking about.

I’ve been teaching Laviera and Pietri in my Intermediate English classes, with a little Mariposa and Anthony Morales to keep it real and current.

I am often in the position of having to defend my use of Spanglish in the Puerto Rican English classroom and I think it comes down to a few key pedagogical and philosophical points.

My goal is not to teach the language of the Unitedstatesians in order for us to effectively assimilate and cross our fingers we’ll be the estado 51. I am interested in language as a living, pulsating, breathing, fucking, dreaming, longing, sobbing, evolving, thing. I am interested in language as a tool for communication and I am interested in language as a way of accessing writers, thinkers and speakers. Spanglish is real. Newyorican poets have been/are/will be (will be will be) real. So, while the canon has merits, I practice my liberatory canon and hope to transmit some of my passion to my community of learners.

That’s my bochinche bilingüe.


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